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Speedy Ninja for Android

Speedy Ninja At first, Speedy Ninja might seem a little unfriendly game. The menu looks awkward, even a bit confusing. Reports too much information, which, moreover, are not always useful. This is not immediately possible to understand how this arcade game is simple, as easy and nice to play while receiving a great pleasure. Speedy …

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Shibuya Grandmaster for Android

Whack them is reinterpreted view of the game Shibuya – bright and stylish puzzle, the release of which took place in 2010. Version, which will be discussed in this material, retaining the basic gameplay elements of the original (by the way, is no longer available in the App Store), appears to us in the form …

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Mountain Goat Mountain for Android

Mountain Goat Mountain Starting to play Mountain Goat Mountain is the last gaming product from Zynga, are experiencing a pleasant surprise. The presence of a fun main character, simple gameplay and a changing environment were able to attract our attention. Of course, it should be said that Zynga is often criticized because of the “free-to-play” …