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Logo Quiz: Brands – new version of the beloved quiz

Logo Quiz: Brands A series of Logo Quiz has gained serious popularity among owners of mobile devices. Nothing surprising, because the toy is very simple, but fascinating and addictive. Moreover, it is constantly evolving and improving. Logo Quiz: Brands from Almond Studio is the latest to date and the expected quality version.

Logo Quiz: Brands includes six major categories – “Technology”, “Internet”, “Food”, “Car”, “Games”, “Fashion and beauty”. Each of them has a hundred jobs, but the developers are gradually developing their offspring and add new.

The gameplay remains classic. After selecting a category you get the logo (in some cases part of the logo) of the brand, the empty white squares, symbolizing the number of letters, and a set of those letters, among which are superfluous. Your task is to guess the name of the brand, and in time you have no limits.

Sometimes, the name includes 2 words (e.g., Mortal Kombat), sometimes it consists of four letters. The situations are different, but it should be noted that with progress the difficulty increases. For this you will need the coins you earn for successfully solving problems. For 5 virtual dollars you can open one letter in any place, for 10 – to remove all unneeded letters from the set and 15 skipped the question at all.

After guessing shows some information about the brand. Such a educational function that can be called superfluous. By the way, if you do not have enough coins, they can always be purchased for real money. For example, for $ 2 you will receive 50 pieces, and$ 10 — unlimited. In addition, the developers treat their players with bonuses for daily visits.

Logo Quiz: Brands is best, in my opinion, version of the popular quiz. It’s really a lot of questions on various topics, she is comfortable with a functional side and a beautiful visual. The toy works perfectly on all screen sizes, and for its start will need Android version 2.3 or above. Also worth mentioning that there can be six languages, although Ukrainian or Belarusian is not among them.