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Mountain Goat Mountain for Android

Mountain Goat Mountain Starting to play Mountain Goat Mountain is the last gaming product from Zynga, are experiencing a pleasant surprise. The presence of a fun main character, simple gameplay and a changing environment were able to attract our attention.

Of course, it should be said that Zynga is often criticized because of the “free-to-play” component in their games, which forced many to think twice before purchasing such a product. It was nice to see that this time all made huge plays fun, looks beautiful, the implementation of “free-to-play” turned out great.

In the role of the protagonist to speak a little mountain goat. Our main goal will be to get as close as possible to the top of the mountain. Control your character by using the normal clicks or movements of the fingers: this allows you to specify the moving direction. In the process of conquering the mountains, we encounter various obstacles, in order to make our journey to the top is very short; players await the crumbling stones, flying logs, dense clouds c sparking lightning and many other dangers.

Motivates our hero’s desire to collect as many gold coins along the way, not forgetting to eat grass. If we eat irregularly, the game will be nearing completion: it warns us an indicator on the screen. Such elements allow to maintain the balance with the passage; at the same time, a gradual increase of difficulty will not prevent the players to return again and again to the game.

But the distinctive feature of the project is to change the environment. Every time you get a new character, environment changes accordingly. Currently available are 22 species of goats: among them Timber Goat, Goat Samurai, Infrared Goat, and, of course, the Dubstep Goat. The graphics and character designs look amazing playing, it is simply impossible not to appreciate the level of detail and amount of effort spent by the developers to implement this.

Mountain Goat Mountain is “free-to-play”, we have the opportunity to use collected at the level of coins to purchase various goats. To access the lottery, which will allow you to win a character with a brand new look will cost 100 coins. Of course, a similar mechanism was already implemented before, and not once (the proof of this popular Crossy Road), and he did not rule out the possibility of obtaining characters that have already been previously purchased.

But this should not be a problem because virtual currency builds up quite easily: the chance to be involved in a situation related to the shortage of coins, it looks very unlikely. So what about any imposition of “free-to-play” component, without which it is impossible to get a full game experience, not talking. Mountain Goat Mountain is integrated into Google Play game services, it is possible to access the rating table. Also, if necessary, you can unlock new character by paying $0.99.

Choosing Mountain Goat Mountain as a new game, you will not regret it. Its “free-to-play” structure will not hinder you to enjoy cool graphics and fun games. Moreover, the game is quite generic in the sense that they are able to impress you with its friendly atmosphere of a person of any age category. To demand even more awkward, isn’t it?