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Shibuya Grandmaster for Android

Whack them is reinterpreted view of the game Shibuya – bright and stylish puzzle, the release of which took place in 2010.

Version, which will be discussed in this material, retaining the basic gameplay elements of the original (by the way, is no longer available in the App Store), appears to us in the form of a specific “variations on a theme”: it follows the same gaming principles, while modifying the structure of the passage and design.

Shibuya is a puzzle game in which we observe how the blocks of different colors fall casual in a single place, thereby forming a column, and selection of the desired color of the block is currently carried out directly by the player, depending on game tasks: install matching, to make the combination or keep from filling up the screen.

The 2010 version allowed you to use just two modes of play; whack them all for Android has been additionally implemented the ability to compete in a two-minute round with different velocities, which become available after the assignments.

In fact, the main difference whack them from release five years ago is the presence of missions. The starting point of the game of the path is the end of the chain of ranks, each represented by a set of defined tasks. The result of the execution of all missions in one individual set will be increasing the title. The final point of the journey through the grades will obtain the status of “Grandmaster”.

Such gameplay allows you to maintain interest in the passage, tossing the players new challenges. But we cannot ignore the fact that the system of missions cannot be called flexible: you had to find yourself in a situation when a difficult task makes it impossible to go to the next level; we are simply marking time in one place, being deprived of the opportunity to obtain a new challenge.

Returning to the merits of the game, it is impossible not to note that Shibuya Grandmaster looks and sounds awesome: great interface, diluted with bright neon lights, pleasant to the obscene, with the frame rate at 60 fps. Soundtrack from electronic compositions in various styles perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the futuristic game setting.

Overall, whack them looks extremely attractive. Despite the fact that sometimes the structure of games may not seem too friendly, the latest version of Shibuya impresses with its eye-catching design and dynamic gameplay. Please consider the release as soon as possible.