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Speedy Ninja for Android

Speedy Ninja At first, Speedy Ninja might seem a little unfriendly game.

The menu looks awkward, even a bit confusing. Reports too much information, which, moreover, are not always useful. This is not immediately possible to understand how this arcade game is simple, as easy and nice to play while receiving a great pleasure.

Speedy Ninja for Android is another attempt to revive a long time already hackneyed genre of “endless runner”. Acquainted with the game closer, come to the conclusion that developers attempt failed.

We have to play the role of a nameless ninja. He deals with the fact that the lightning moves through the virtual world, killing enemies and collecting various bonuses and coins.

Character control is done via two buttons. One of them will allow you to perform a jump and the other one moves in the opposite direction platform game. Performing these basic movements will be key to the successful overcoming of obstacles on the difficult path of our hero.

The gameplay is filled with non-stop action. Speedy Ninja forces players to be extremely careful. In addition to a large number of useful things, at levels we expect a variety of traps in the form of spines sticking out everywhere and swords, falling rocks and other dangers. A real test even for such a cool ninja like ours.

At the end of each stage, we will have the opportunity to ride on a dragon, which will provide a unique opportunity to collect in-game currency, generously scattered among the clouds.

Special mention deserves an elaborate system of upgrades. It will help to gain new skills and useful abilities. It is impossible not to mention nice graphics and well chosen music.

It seems to us that, despite all its advantages, Speedy Ninja does not make a revolution in the genre. It is likely that developers do not set ourselves such a task. But to entertain the player platformer cope fine.