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Staying Together

Staying Together for Android Staying Together is a game about love… And it is very similar to “the one” love. Game seems simple in the beginning, but maintaining the balance is becoming harder and harder with time. Fortunately, it’s worth it. At least, you will have quite a rewarding experience…

Staying Together for Android belongs to the puzzles, and original. Your task – to bring the two main characters to the finish point at each location. It sounds simple, isn’t it? But there is one problem – you can’t control them individually! Every movement that you make affects the characters at the same time.

In fact, the entire gameplay is closely linked with the careful planning of each and every step and also with the mistakes and setbacks. First, the passage is quite easy – jumped a couple of times and all, but after 5-6 introductory level, the real fun begins.

You will encounter situations when, for example, one of the characters get stuck between the spikes, and the second will need to jump higher. You will need to analyze and figure out the best way to none of the characters were not injured. Love is a compromise, in the end…

By the way, separately I want to highlight the atmosphere of Staying Together. First, panache and animations in the game are simply gorgeous. Virtually every element seems not superfluous, and the main characters look cute and funny. Secondly, the gameplay is accompanied by very nice music. It is not boring and makes the game more enjoyable.

Control of the game is simple – two controls left / right and jump up (single and double, with two taps). At the moment, there are 60 levels divided into 3 chapters. There is also a special hardcore mode that can be opened only if the heads of all of the heart will be collected complete.

Staying Together can be seen as a metaphor for a successful relationship between a man and a woman. But for most people, it’s still a puzzle platformer that calls a real delight. Suggest to try this game for everybody, it’s free!